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Are Dental Implants Painful?

Many people are concerned about the amount of pain that goes along with a dental implant procedure. You will have pain related to your dental implant because it is a type of surgery. But the pain is manageable, will pass with time, and the result will be well worth your time and effort.

You shouldn’t have much pain if any during the dental implant procedure, because you’ll be provided with anesthesia during the implantation. This anesthesia does wear off after the implant occurs. Then you’ll begin to feel some discomfort. The amount of pain you’ll have with your dental implants is determined by the number of implants that are placed, your individual pain tolerance levels, and the skill of your doctor. Dr. Brian Gurinsky remains a well-trained and skilled dental implant expert who can help you with any discomfort you may experience during a dental implant.

How Long Will Dental Implant Pain Last?

The length of pain after a dental implant varies among people. The average time it takes for pain from this procedure to end is about ten days. Swelling and redness should go away from the implant area in about three to five days. You’ll be given pain medications for the first few days. Please switch to the over-the-counter pain medications recommended to you by the dentist as soon as possible. If pain continues after two weeks, please contact our office for further instructions about dealing with extended dental implant discomfort.

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