Teeth shifting

I’ve noticed my teeth have been shifting. What causes this?

Anyone who has ever had orthodontics is prone to teeth shifting (if you don’t have a retainer). Teeth have a “memory” to them and they naturally want to go back to their old position so wear your retainer!

Unfortunately, another cause of shifting is aging. Our teeth have a tendency to push to the middle so this is why you usually notice people’s teeth are more crowded/crooked in the front teeth (especially on the bottom teeth).

Did you know your sleep position can have an effect too?

Yup. Side sleeping and stomach sleepers have been linked with having more shifting of their teeth.

The other causes can be from teeth grinding, gum disease or tooth loss. Grinding of the teeth puts additional forces on the teeth which can cause them to shift and gum disease or tooth loss leads to weaker bone and more spacing, allowing for the teeth to shift.

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