Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

With the revolutionary technology put into dental implants, it is no wonder that this option has become so common for many patients. Dental implants are made out of surgical-grade titanium that are placed underneath the gum line and into the bone. The implants will fuse with the bone in the course of about three months, creating a secured abutment for restorations like crowns, bridge work and even dentures.

What Dental Implants Can Do

Implants can help to replace missing dentition. In the past, the only option to completely replace a missing tooth was with a fixed bridge. The issue with fixed bridges is that they compromise the surrounding teeth just to make room for the restoration. With an implant, the metal rod is surgically placed in the area where the tooth is missing. Over the course of just a few months, the implant acts like an anchor for a crown to be placed. This prevents the need to compromise surrounding teeth and provides a long-term option for your smile.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

In order to be a viable candidate for dental implant surgery, you need to be a healthy adult with minimal medical issues. Implant patients should not have diseases or conditions that prevent their body from healing naturally and quickly. It is important that implant patients have healthy bone structure. To determine if you are a viable candidate for the procedure, a comprehensive examination and series of x-rays will be taken. This information will be used to determine if and how the implant can be placed. Keep in mind that most healthy adults are good candidates for a dental implant and that the benefits of having an implant placed go far beyond any problems that might come as a result of the treatment.

If you are completely missing one or more of your teeth or if you wear loose-fitting dentures, dental implants can help to change your life and restore your smile. The procedure is done quickly and easily in our office at a time that is convenient for you. Once you have an implant placed, it can last a lifetime and can provide you with an optimal alternative to other procedures available. Be sure to contact us if you would like to learn more about implants and how they can work for your own dental needs.

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