Sedation Dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

At the offices of Dr. Gurinsky we believe that no patient should put off a dental visit because they dread dental procedures and the discomfort associated with it.

Sedation dentistry provides an anxiety-free dental experience through a combination of techniques and medication. Many people hear sedation dentistry and assume they will be put under for their dental visit. However, most of the sedatives used allow the patient to remain calm and awake during the procedure.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Most sedation dentistry is administered orally (either in office or the night before), but we also offer IV sedation and nitrous oxide. All our sedation options allow our patients to remain calm during their dental visit. By helping patients feel calm, our procedures can be finished in less time allowing us to accomplish more during each visit. Patients need to ensure they have a ride to and from any appointment where they will be receiving a sedative.

What Types of Sedatives Are Available?

Before administering any type of sedative, Dr. Gurinsky will go over your medical history, making sure to note any medications currently being taken. Using this information and considering the level of anxiety we will determine the best sedation technique. Below is a brief overview of common sedation types.

  • Minimal sedation allows you to relax while being fully awake.
  • Moderate sedation causes patients to forget most of the procedure while still allowing them to talk with slurred words.
  • Deep sedation is achieved via IV allowing patients to awaken easily while taking them to the edge of consciousness.
  • General anesthesia makes patients unconscious during the entire procedure.

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