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Dental Anxiety And Fear

Dental Anxiety And Fear

Dental Anxiety and Fear

Every year an overwhelming number of people avoid seeing their dentist due to dental anxiety and fear. Many people worry about the pain or noise associated with getting their teeth worked on and will only go to the dentist if they absolutely must. Dr. Gurinsky and his staff understand the importance of providing patients with a calming and welcoming environment to help alleviate some of their anxiety. Our highly trained staff provides quick treatments with little to no pain and are more than happy to go over the options available to reduce any anxiety or fears you may be facing.

 Types of Dental Anxiety and Fear

Below is a list of the most common reasons patients fear visiting the dentist:

  • Embarrassment due to poor oral health
  • Fear of gagging
  • Helplessness from being unable to control what happens during the appointment
  • Noises associated with drills and scraping teeth
  • Pain

 Tips for Dealing with Dental Anxiety and Fear

Our goal is to figure out a way to help our patients relax during their treatments. Read below to learn some helpful tips and strategies.

  • Agree on a signal – a “stop” signal allows our patients a way to communicate during the procedure.
  • Alternatives – we can discuss alternative treatment methods to find one that will minimize your anxiety.
  • Bring music – listening to calming music through headphones will help to reduce anxiety and help drown out noises.
  • Sedation – several types are available to help patients cope as a last resort
  • Spray your throat – using throat spray can help control the gag reflex for about an hour.
  • Talk to us – let us know you’re feeling so we can figure out the best strategy to help you cope.
  • Use a mirror – watching the procedure may help reduce your anxiety

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