What Causes Halitosis?

Visits with dentists are very important, especially to avoid one of the most common diseases among people, such as halitosis or bad breath. It usually has an oral origin. While it is true that in recent years there has been a decrease in the problem as a result of the awareness regarding oral diseases, we must say that there are still many people who suffer from this disease. The experts in dentistry know that halitosis is the fourth most common disease, just below dental caries, gingivitis and pyorrhea. In this sense, the constant visits with the dentist are very important, since only an expert with his knowledge is the one who is qualified to provide a comprehensive treatment that allows solving the problem. Dentists are trained specialists to determine if the problem of bad breath is a matter related to the mouth or if it is a problem related to respiratory or digestive diseases. Going with the doctor specialized in dentistry is very important, leaving aside the anguish and shame that this problem can cause. That is why we will explain in detail in detail all the aspects related to halitosis, hoping that the following information will be very useful to solve the multiple questions they have on this subject.

What is Halitosis or Bad breath?

Generally bad breath is the result of bacterial accumulation in the mouth or teeth, caused by the accumulation of food debris in the gums and tongue. This is also a very common problem that derives from a periodontal disease such as gingivitis. However, it also derives from nasal problems, such as sinusitis – inflammation of the mucosa that covers the sinuses. Also, certain common foods and drinks can also lead to bad breath, even once the patient has brushed his teeth. It is a disease that can have many causes. However, the first medical authority to consult the dentist, since he has the theoretical and scientific knowledge to determine the cause of the condition.

What Causes Halitosis?

As we explained at the beginning, it is usually a problem with oral and bacterial origin, but it also has other sources. It is estimated that there may be more than 80 causes that lead to halitosis, which can be classified in different ways depending on their intensity, frequency, clinical relevance or the need for treatment.

The dentists have identified as the main cause of halitosis the bacteria present in the oral cavity, which causes necrosis or putrefaction, which lead to bad breath, usually in the presence of food debris. It must be said that other factors that are conditions of bad breath are added to poor hygiene; the lingual flap, a gum disease; hyposalivation or xerostomia – dry mouth; very extensive caries or abscesses – infections that become complicated and move from the root of the tooth to the bones.

In this regard, it is necessary to go to a dental clinic frequently for prophylaxis, which is the most widely used technique for deep cleaning of the teeth and gums.

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