What are the pros and cons of dental implants?

Things You Should Know Before You Get Dental Implants

While getting dental implants is generally a routine and safe procedure, the prospect of a dental implant can be intimidating. As such, it is beneficial to explore the various pros and cons of dental implants before pursuing further.

The Pros of Dental Implants
1. Dental Implants Protect Teeth from Damage
Dental implantation occurs over several steps. At the end, the implant has fused to the bone. Unlike dental bridges, dental implants do not rely on teeth for support and are less likely to damage teeth over time. This leads into the second advantage of dental dams.

2. Dental Bridges and Dentures Are Uncomfortable and Often Painful
People often experience difficulty chewing or talking when wearing dentures. Further, many individuals have complained about a distinct and recognizable clicking sound associated with dentures. To contrast, dental implants are incredibly similar to real teeth, in both look and function.

3. Simple Oral Hygiene
Due to their similarity to real teeth, dental implants can be cared for using simple and standard oral hygiene methods. Such convenience is often not afforded by dental bridges and dentures.

The Cons of Dental Implants
Every procedure comes with associated risks and disadvantages. Despite the benefits of dental implants, there are some noteworthy cons to discuss.

1. Dental Insurance will not Normally Cover Dental Implants
Dental implants can be an expensive procedure, made all the more costly by the lack of much needed coverage. However, dental insurance covers little in comparison to medical insurance and many view the cost of dental implants as worth the sacrifice.

2. The Success of Implantation Depends on Health
To receive dental implants, you must have healthy bones and gums. Further, the likelihood of implantation is reduced in smokers and other demographics with poor dental health. Individuals must also commit to keeping implants healthy and clean. While day-to-day cleaning is simple, it must still be meticulous and regular visits to the dentist is also recommended.

Medical procedures, as a whole, can be confusing and hard to navigate. If you think you need a dental exam, or would like to inquire more about this procedure, call our office today and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you

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