What are All-On-4s Dental Implants?

Most patients think of dental implants as replacing only one missing tooth at a time. Fortunately, implants can be used to keep dentures securely in place. The procedure known as all-on-4s refers to a denture being secured to just four implants per arch. Two implants are placed towards the back of the arch on an angle and two towards the front of the arch. A new set of dentures is then made for you to fit these brand new implants.

What are All-On-4s Dental Implants?

All-on-4s dental implants use just four implants to keep a denture securely in place. Unlike other procedures and options, this is more ideal for people who do not want a lot of implants or who might have bone density issues that could otherwise affect typical implants. The procedure involves inserting four implants onto each arch of the mouth where a denture is needed. The two back implants are placed on more of an angle, which keeps them more securely in place and provides a great grip to the actual denture plate. The front two implants are used to prevent the denture from slipping while talking or eating.

What are the Benefits of All-On-4s?

The all-on-4s option is ideal for patients who don’t want a dozen implants in their mouth just to keep a denture plate in place. The procedure uses just four intricately placed implants that will firmly hold the denture and prevent it from slipping or falling out. All-on-4s are great for new denture wearers who want to feel like they have a natural smile without the need for adhesives and gels that keep the appliance in place. This option may also be a good choice for patients who have less bone mass in the areas where the implants will be placed. Because the back implants are inserted on an angle, it relies on thinner bone mass to keep it in place.

How are They Done?

The procedure itself is similar to any other type of dental implant. If teeth have to be removed prior to the procedure, this will be done before the implants are placed. Dr. Gurinsky will surgically insert four implants into one or both of your jaw arches. The implants are placed deep into the bone where they are able to heal and fuse with the bone to keep it in place. You can expect the implants to heal in about four months. Once the implants have completely healed and are strongly in place, you will have a new denture plate made specifically to fit onto the all-on-4s implants. Your new denture can last for up to seven years before it’ll need to be replaced with a new appliance.

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