Is Laser Periodontal Treatment Effective?

In recent years, laser periodontal therapy has been utilized in the effective treatment of periodontal disease. Laser treatment has many benefits that other surgical options simply do not provide. Patients who undergo laser treatment have found that it is far less invasive and painful than other treatments and that the diseased gum tissue is excised quickly and efficiently to promote natural healing.

What is Laser Periodontal Treatment?

Laser periodontal treatment involves the use of lasers that use various types of wavelengths. During the procedure, the lasers are precisely aimed at diseased gum tissue around the teeth and deep into the pockets that have formed as a result of periodontal disease. The procedure does not require general anesthesia as is found with other more invasive surgeries. No scalpels or sutures are needed when treatment is being done, which means less healing time for the patient. After the procedure is complete, the roots of the teeth will be scaled to remove plaque and calculus as well as smooth the roots of the teeth underneath the gum line. The area between the gum tissue and the tooth can then heal naturally on its own.

Is It Effective at Treating Periodontal Disease?

There is a reason why periodontal laser treatment has become a go-to for most patients with periodontitis. It is highly effective at getting rid of diseased tissue around the teeth, allowing your body’s natural healing process to take control and close up the pockets that are present. This can prevent tooth loss due to the progression of periodontal disease. The procedure is much less invasive than other surgeries and options available to you and minimal anesthesia is required to have it performed in-office.

Specialized wavelengths are used to remove only infected and diseased gum tissue so that healthy tissue is preserved. No sutures, incisions or cuts are made so that healing is quick and relatively painless upon completion of the procedure. If you have questions concerning laser periodontal treatment, Dr. Gurinsky will be able to consult with you and provide the answers that you need. Laser treatment is an effective option for most adults with mild to moderate periodontitis as well as those in the more advanced stages of the disease. While this treatment option isn’t for everyone, most adults with periodontal disease can benefit from this option as it provides effective relief of diseased and infected gum tissue.

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