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LANAP/LASER Therapy - What is it?

Dr. Gurinsky offers this revolutionary technology to his patients in a wide range of services. Laser Periodontal Therapy, LANAP®, is an alternative to conventional surgery that has shown a higher success rate in gum tissue reattachment, new bone growth, and periodontal regeneration. 

We highly recommend the laser technique for most dental surgeries. Laser therapy allows us to conduct minimally invasive advanced procedures due to the laser’s ability to accurately remove only the bacteria and unhealthy tissue; leaving behind healthy intact gum tissue.

How Does It Work and What Should I Expect?

Patients should expect to spend two, two-hour visits, for a complete full-mouth LANAP periodontal surgery. During the first visit we will focus on one side of the mouth, and then a week later we will finish the procedure by completing the other half. Many of our patients enjoy a quick recovery time.

During the first few days post surgery, some patients may experience mild tenderness and discomfort along with slightly discolored gum tissue. Splints may be utilized to help immobilize your teeth to help promote healing. Over the course of follow-up appointments, we may need to adjust your bite to ensure proper healing.

What Procedures Are Eligible?

  • Cosmetic gum treatment allows us to contour your gum line and providing you with a gorgeous smile.
  • Growth and sores can be treated or removed, quickly with laser technology.
  • Gum grafting & pocket reduction can now be easily done without the need for a scalpel or sutures, allowing patients significantly less healing time and discomfort.
  • Dr. Gurinsky can perform a frenectomy with little to no bleeding when utilizing the PerioLase® device.

Ready to treat your gum disease with a less invasive procedure and get on the road to great oral health? Contact our offices today!

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