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Do Dental Implants Need to be Replaced?

Do Dental Implants Need to be Replaced?

For patients that have missing, cracked, or broken teeth, dental implants are a great solution. Implants give patients a permanent, comfortable option that lasts for years or even a lifetime.

At Brian Gurinsky, DDS, MS, we meet with our patients to evaluate if they are a good candidate for implants.  We also come up with a customized treatment plan for each patient that fits their needs. Our team is always available to help patients through each step of the way, supporting them and answering any questions they may have.

Many patients are interested in finding out if their dental implants will ever need to be replaced? Compared to other alternatives such as dentures or bridges that only last 5-15 years before needing replacement, implants are permanent and do last upwards of 25 years or even a lifetime.  It is important to care for implants just like our natural teeth to ensure they do last. Implants rarely ever need additional work once placed in the mouth, and have a 95% success rate with patients.

We recommend good oral hygiene, and following our recovery instructions as you heal from the implant procedure. Avoid hard foods and any products that will stain your teeth.

Tips to ensure your implants last a lifetime:

  • Use a low abrasive brush such as a soft type tooth brush.
  • Use a non-abrasive gel or paste to avoid scratching the surface of your implant.
  • Floss daily using implant specific floss, or use a Waterpik Water Flosser to help protect and keep the implant and surrounding tissue healthy.
  • Avoid any products containing, stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride, or baking soda. These products may make the implants prone to corrosion.
  • Anti-microbial rinses can be used to prevent infection and reduce inflammation.

If you care for your implants and practice good oral hygiene, dental implants can last your lifetime and never have to be replaced. Contact Brian Gurinsky, DDS, MS today to schedule your appointment, and see how our implant services can benefit you.

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Do Dental Implants Need to Be Replaced?

Dental implants are ideal
for patients who have missing teeth and want to completely replace them. An
implant is surgically placed underneath the gum line and into the bone to
create a fully secured abutment for crowns, fixed bridges and even dentures. Because
dental implants require surgery, many patients are concerned about what to
expect with the procedure and whether or not the implant will need to be
replaced at some point in the future.

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are made out
of surgical-grade titanium and are surgically placed underneath the gum line
and into the bone. Small holes within these implant rods allow for the
appliance to fuse naturally with the jaw bone over the course of three to six
months. Once healed, a crown, fixed bridge or denture can be fitted on top of
the implant to create a full, beautiful smile. The procedure itself is quick
and considering how long implants last, the three to six month heal time is
short in comparison to the benefits you’ll receive from the implants that have
been placed.

Do Dental Implants Need to Be Replaced?

Dental implants are made out
of surgical-grade titanium and meant to last a lifetime. They are incredibly
durable and long-lasting, so they can withstand quite a lot of force and
pressure. You should never have to replace your dental implants once they have
healed and fused with the bone. However, you will need to replace the
appliances that are placed on top of the implant, such as the crowns, bridge
work and dentures. The implant itself will last a lifetime without the need for
replacement or adjustment.

It is important that even
though implants are permanent that you still come into the office to have
routine examinations. In the event that there is a problem with the implant,
this will be caught during your routine preventative examinations. The reason
most patients choose dental implants over other options is because they are
completely permanent and require no replacing. You can think of your dental
implant as a lifelong investment that will be there to provide you with a full
smile no matter your age. Most healthy adults can have dental implants placed,
so be sure to have a consultation with Dr. Gurinsky to begin the process of
having them placed and for you to begin benefiting from what they can do for

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