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Are CEREC crowns durable?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic or CEREC crowns provide durable outstanding results, and can be done in just one appointment. Typically crowns take multiple appointments, and temporary crowns are used until the permanent crowns are installed.

CEREC crowns use computer aided technology to create the crown in our office, and the crown is provided that day eliminating the need for a temporary crown. CEREC crowns are made of durable ceramic or resin, and are a convenient and quick solution for patients in need of a crown. Our in house milling unit allows for precise accuracy and fit. Aesthetically, there are no other crowns that are as durable and natural looking than a CEREC crown.

CEREC crowns are sized and shaped to match your existing teeth, and look natural in the mouth. On average CEREC crowns last between 10-15 years or more if taken care of properly.

If you tend to grind or clench your teeth this can wear down the crown. We may recommend a night time mouthguard to avoid damage and make the crown last longer.

Good oral hygiene is recommended with brushing and flossing daily to help keep your crown looking and feeling great for years.

If you are interested in how CEREC crowns can work for you, contact Brian Gurinsky, DDS, MS today to schedule your appointment.

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