Dry mouth is common for those of us that live in Colorado and other dry places. However, a condition called xerostomia (dry mouth) can also be the result of again, medication side effects, smoking, drinking alcohol, mouth breathing and various other causes. Not only is it annoying to constantly be licking your lips and sucking on a water bottle, but it can have disastrous effects on the mouth.

A dry mouth can lead to tooth decay, mouth sores, chapped or cracked lips, bad breath, a sore throat, and trouble talking/chewing/swallowing. So what can one do if they experience this? There are various over the counter products that help keep the oral cavity lubricated, and even some prescriptions that can help increase salivary flow. But simple day to day stuff can also help. Below is a short list of some:

-sipping water or sugarless drinks that don’t contain caffeine

-suck on ice chips (but don’t crunch them!)

-apply lip balm

-sugar-free candy or gum

-avoiding alcohol in your mouthrinses

-avoiding salty or spicy foods

-avoid tobacco and caffeine

And most importanly, make sure you see your dental professional because decay can happen VERY rapidly if you have a reduction in saliva.