Teeth grinding usually does most of its work at night when we are asleep.  It has been reported that we generate 10x the force at night than we might during the day.  In the healthy mouth, this will result in chipped teeth, teeth wear, and the formation of notches on the tooth (near the gumline).  When there is some history of gum disease or inflammation then the grinding will potentiate and exacerbate the bone loss.  In other words, grinding or clenching will induce more bone loss and ultimately recession.  A simple night guard will minimize the effects.

Those without a history of gum disease are recommended to have their teeth cleaned every 6 months.  However, if you have had a history of gum disease, then it is advisable to have them cleaned every quarter.  The reason for this is that it takes 90 days for the harmful bacteria in your mouth to repopulate following a cleaning.  In most people, this bacteria won’t cause bone loss.  However, if you have a genetic predisposition for gum disease or smoke, then you are more likely to have deterioration of the gums and bone at a much more rapid rate.