The whitening agent used to bleach your teeth can cause pain in the gums if it touches them.  While there really isn’t anything real harmful, it can be uncomfortable for several days.  When whitening, be cautious not to over-apply the gel in the trays.  I recommend putting in the trays with the gel and lifting up the lips to visualize if the gel extrudes out.  If so, you know you are using too much.

Can dentists perform wrinkle erasing (i.e. Botox) and wrinkle filling (i.e. Restylan, Juvaderm, Pearlane, etc.) procedures?

The answer is yes.

In fact, when I went to my training and certification courses, I was quite shocked at the number of dentists that attended and how dentists are actually probably adept at giving the injections.  Working in the mouth and giving anesthesia on a daily basis, dentists will soon possibly be the experts in doing these procedures.

A common misconception from people is that there is an age limit for dental implants.  The fact is that anyone that is healthy is basically a candidate for implants.  As we age and have had a prior history of tooth loss, the issue often is whether enough bone exists without additional bone grafting.  People tend to lose more teeth as they age so actually the profile of an implant patient is some in his or her golden years.