He is amazing as well as all of his staff! I was very nervous for my procedure but it was extremely smooth and quick with zero pain. Recovery has been very easy and surprisingly not painful. I have had one follow-up appointment so far since my procedure a couple weeks ago and Dr. Gurinsky and his staff have been very attentive, ensuring everything is healing correctly, which it is! Would highly recommend to anyone needing a periodontist!

Georgia Smith

Dr. Gurinsky personally called me to see how I was doing the day after my oral surgery. He and his whole staff are first class. He does amazing work and is communicative, personable, and very detail oriented. I can't say enough about the high level of care I received here. THANKS!

Ted Conte

Best experience I've had with a dentist in a very long time! Dr. Gurinsky and his staff were amazing to say the least! I went to Dr.Gurinsky because I had extreme periodontal disease and needed a treatment that was less abrasive with fast recovery time. I'm in sales and can't be laid up for several days with traditional oral surgery. I researched the web and found that LANAP (lLaser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) provided a less invasive approach to fixing my advanced periodontal disease. Dr. Gurinsky described exactly what he was going to do every step of the way and was completely painless! Recovery time was a breeze and Dr Gurinsky even called after the surgery to check on me! If you every need oral surgery...LANAP is the way to go....AND Dr. Gurisky is the periodontist you MUST have do the procedure! Very reasonably priced too!!...I wish there were more than 5 stars because I'd give him AND his staff a 10+

Keith Bell

Great guy, very personable, and does fantastic work. Would highly recommend!

Jerid Schumacher

Dr Gurinsky is a wonderful person, he took the time to treat me with his laser when I was recuperating from chemotherapy and radiation induced mouth sores. He stated he had no billing protocol for that and just offered his help because he wanted to ease my discomfort. What a generous person.

Dugald Macdonald

He's very thorough and patient with all my questions! He's worked hard to ensure my implant is successful given my very soft gum tissue. And he was referred by my popular dentist.

Amy Mapother

Dr. Gurinsky is personable and warm, thorough in his approach and willing to spend time with me to answer my questions so that I understand his treatment plan. I recommend him very highly!

Ted L.

As a person who has always been afraid of dental work Brian Gurinsky made me feel very comfortable. He does a wonderful job and I would highly recommend him.

Suzette D.

After many years of neglecting my teeth and being petrified of dentists I was referred to Dr. Brian for treatment of periodontal disease. He put me at ease immediately, thoroughly explained the LANAP laser surgical gum procedure that was done in two sessions. Follow up visits for cleanings and additional planning for my future care have been phenomenal. He is frank and straight-forward about everything. I couldn't be happier with the comfort level I have achieved with Dr. Brian and even look forward to my visits. His staff is great, professional and kind and I can't help but love them all.

Michael P.

Dr. Gurinsky is the best dentist because he performs his implants and procedures without causing any pain, discomfort or complications to the patient. Further, he's a very kind, compassionate and attentive doctor. Dr. Gurinsky is always on time and you never have to waste your time waiting for your appointment. Dr. Gurinsky has very capable hands and I feel very grateful to be his patient of over 10 years.

Anya G.

After five visits to Dr. Gurinksy's office that have ranged from a consultation to a two part LANAP process, follow-up and cleaning with extraction, I am very comfortable with awarding top marks to the entire operation. Brian is both personable in approach and expert in application; his staff are competent and polite. They have remembered personal details about me and have been willing to schedule appointments on shorter notice than I had hoped. If you need a great periodontist, this is absolutely the place to go.

Sam W.

If your are looking for a fantastic periodontist your search is over. Dr. Brian Gurinsky’s list of academic and professional credentials are too numerous to site, but highlighted by his selection as a professor at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, and inclusion in 5280 Magazines Top Dentist. One of the few Board Certified periodontists in the state he specializes in providing the highest level of comprehensive care while utilizing the most current materials, technology and techniques. I have been referring patients to him for years and the quality of care has been consistently outstanding. If I needed and implant I would not hesitant to see him, even though he is a Dallas Cowboy fan. Well nobody is perfect

Guy G.

Dr. Gurinsky is great -- I first went to Dr. Gurinsky to deal with a periodontal (gum disease) problem that required surgery. The surgery was painless and solved the problem. I now see Dr Gurinsky for all my dental needs. He is not pushy, and his calm demeanor and informational approach made me feel confident in the work he was doing. The last dental office I went to was constantly telling me I had cavities and needed all kinds of expensive treatments. This has not been my experience with Dr. Gurinsky. The office is very conveniently located downtown and there is parking in a small lot behind the office.

Juniper K

This practice is excellent. They're professional, responsive, friendly and you feel comfortable that you're getting great care. In addition, they never try to sell procedures or products to you. I would highly recommend this location for the dental services of Dr. Gurinsky and the professionalism and high quality service of his staff.

Sarah T.

I have had a great experience with Dr. Gurinsky. I found he and his staff professional and caring in every aspect. My appointment time was my appointment time and I didn't have to wait. He's done an extensive amount of work and I have even told a few friends about him who need implants.

David N.

Dr. Gurinsky's office has been professional and courteous, which is everything I expect when I select a doctor. The Dr. is knowledgeable, precise, and personable. I recently saw him for a periodontic issue and am completely satisfied with the procedure and results. Additionally, I especially appreciate his front desk person, Stacy, and her go-the-extra-mile attitude. She provided me with an accurate estimate of the charges for my upcoming procedures and assisted me with creation of a timeline for future visits which made payments easy to work in my budget.

Joah F.

Great experience! I had my 3 remaining wisdom teeth extracted in one shot, with the IV sedation I don't remember absolutely anything that happened between getting the IV in, and waking up on the couch at home. The recovery from the empty sockets was a breeze, I had more pain from canker sores that popped up later than from the extraction itself. And, I had a great opportunity to gorge on ice cream.

Ignacio T.

I have been going to Dr. Gurinsky since he took over the practice of the previous periodontist. He has given me the best care I could hope for. He is also really personable and kind, and I'm always happy to see him!

Esther G.

After years of dealing with dental problems and not so great dentists, I was really happy with my experience seeing Dr. Gurinsky. He was friendly, personable and really made the effort to make my experience enjoyable (or as enjoyable as going to the dentist can be). I had gum surgery to prepare for the bridge I'm getting and I have nothing but positive things to say about the whole procedure. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gurinsky!


Excellent overall experience. Staff helpful and friendly, timely response for appointments. Excellent work by Dr. Gurinsky. Very satisfied with office.

Ira G.

Dr. Gurinsky is very professional and I would highly recommend him. I needed gum grafts and he clearly explained the procedure, was great giving shots, and it turned out great.

-Nicole D.

Dr Gurinsky came extremely highly recommended by my dentist of 20 years. I have had a lot of dental work done and my experience with Dr Gurinsky was excellent. His bedside manner is warm and very comfortable. The normal discomfort involved with my procedure, during and after was surprisingly minimal. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Gurinsky or return to him for any further needs.

Lisa K.

This is the first time I ever had a skin graph done and I was a bit nervous about it but Dr. Gurinsky and his staff made this a very tolerable experience. I will be back to have this team do several more graphs as time and insurance permits but I highly recommend anyone needing this procedure to visit Dr. Gurinsky. –I was also impressed that the Doctor took time out of his schedule the day after my procedure to call me and ask if I was doing okay and if there were any issues that needed his attention. Great Customer Service!!

Joe C.

Great doctor. affable, listens to you and pays great deal of attention to what he is doing. Staff were awesome!

Dave Z.

Brian is an outstanding Dentist. My husband had a complicated situation, and was seen by 2 different Dentists before being referred to Dr. Gurinsky. Brian made a comprehensive evaluation, and decided to send my husband to an Endodontist to see if his tooth could be saved, when it was determined it could not, Brian performed an extraction with such precision that my husband felt great the day after! We would highly recommend Brian to all our friends as he is not only extremely skilled, but a compassionate and patient focused Doctor.

Mary Ann W.

When you meet Brian Gurinsky, it won't take you long to discover why he is rated a top Periodontist in 5280 Magazine. Not only are his credentials impressive, his demeanor is what makes Brian special. Having past gum disease, I wanted to make sure that the periodontist that I chose would help me keep my teeth. After all if your gums are not healthy, your teeth are history. Anyone that has had deep tissue cleaning and surgery on your gums will tell you how important it is to take care of your gums. What periodontist do you know that will personally clean your teeth if his schedule allows. I would highly recommend Brian Gurinsky.

Phyllis N.

After getting the run around with my crown and crown lengthening with my dentist, this was indeed a welcome change. I was there, really, to just get another opinion as he was referred to me by endodontist, Dr. Rahim Karmali, another great practitioner in the Dental world. Dr. Gurinsky was insightful and thorough with the treatment options available for my situation. I immediately felt comfortable with the narrative of my situation and decided to move forward, then and there with the work that was needed. The practice is excellent. The staff are great. I would highly recommend Dr. Gurinsky.

Larry A.

I have been a patient of Dr .Gurinsky for several years and have experienced the finest dental care for all of my procedures. My implants were done perfectly. Dr. Gurinsky also performed surgery on my gums and was gentle, patient, and caring. It is very difficult to find such an outstanding dentist as Dr. Gurinsky and I highly recommend him as a #1 specialist in his field.

Ronnie D.

Dr. Gurinsky's staff is extremely helpful with scheduling and overall care to make me feel comfortable. Brian's work is second to none and the fact that they make me feel a visit to the office is going to be an easy experince is great. The recommendations are true and I'm glad I have used his services.

Peter F

I love the staff! The quality of service is amazing! I highly recommend this service for the one's that only want the best of the best!!

Olivia C.

I was originally referred to Dr Gurinmsky by my regular dentist. Although I had been through some very trying dentists before, I was made very comfortable immediately by Dr Gurinsky and his staff. I went through an extensive procedure that was divided in half to make it easier on me. I had never gone through such an intense surgical periodontic procedures but everyone involved were all very reassuring, compassionate and patient. I don't have the apprehensive feelings with visits to Dr Gurinsky's office like I have always had before with any dentist related visit. Their professional, efficient and considerate appointments with me have spurred me to recommend them to everyone I know. His office is definitely the best I've known so far.

Gaime E.

Brian was the most professional, knowledgeable, and patient compassionate dentist I have ever been to. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Chris W.

I was referred to Dr. Gurinsky by LoDo Dental and am so thankful I took their advice. Before moving to Denver, I had been under the care (and I use that term loosely) of a neglectful and incompetent dentist who left me with severe oral issues. Dr. Gurinsky has been so helpful, informative and understanding. He immediately made me feel comfortable and confident that he would get my mouth back on track - which he has - in an efficient and timely manner. His entire office has made this process as easy and painless as possible. I am truly grateful for his professionalism and consideration. I highly recommend Dr. Gurinsky for periodontal work!

Amanda C.

Professional, friendly, amazing. This is where you go for the best service!

Ben M.

Very easy going but professional with great results.

-Justin A.

I am a new patient of Dr. Gurinsky and was very trepidatious about the appointment beings that my former dentist did some unnecessary work, was very rough, and did not have a comprehensive treatment plan. After seeing Dr. Gurinsky I feel the greatest confidence in his skills. His office staff is very professional AND, they take early appointments! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking periodontal work. Dr. Gurinsky gave me a reason to smile! Awesome! Great guy - painless dentistry - and he took my dental plan discount. All in all a wonderful experience - if having implants put in can ever be considered "wonderful

Michael D.

Dr. Gurinsky helped me by allowing me to make payments along with doing work in my trade to help in compensation. The work he did for me was surprisingly painless and completed quickly. Dr. Gurinsky is both a good person and a great Dentist . I would highly recommend his services

Christian F.

I would recommend Dr Gurisnky. I had broken a tooth while downtown and was recommeded to his practice. Although he is a periodontist, he helped me anyway. I have had teeth pulled before but this was the easiest and least painful of them all. His location was convenient and clean and has state-of-the-art equipment.

Mark W.

I was referred to Dr. Gurinskys office from my current dentist for a consult on a tricky tooth. He was amazing and I wish he was a general dentist to do all of my care. Very patient, honest and he aligned with my dentists conservative treatment. Gave me clear no bull answers and the consult was quick and painless. Wonderful visit that reassured me of my treatment plan and left me with a smile.

Amber D.

Great customer service. They are always on time and courteous. Dr. Guinsky does all my cleanings which I think is awesome! Both my fiancé and I go here and have no complaints! Quick, efficient, and appreciate the reminder calls about appointments. I'd say my only additional feedback would be that I wish they did reminder "you are due for a cleaning" calls!

Katie W.

Prior to my first appointment, I was a little worried that Dr. Gurinsky might be a big, scary doctor who was going to cut my gums. As is sometimes the case, I was wrong!!! Dr. Gurinsky completed my gum graft very quickly, and it healed perfectly. I'd heard this procedure may be painful, however I only took pain pills during the day of the procedure, and then switched to Advil. Dr. Gurinsky and his staff are extremely professional, and the follow-up care was excellent. Stacy did a great job in working with my insurance company to minimize my out-of-pocket cost. I've already recommended Dr. Gurinsky to several friends. The downtown Denver office is very clean and comfortable. Thank you for the excellent care!

Theresa M.

I've been a patient of Dr. Gurinsky's for a couple years now, and as someone who's been to a few prior periodontists, I'd highly recommend Dr. Gurinsky. He & his staff are always professional & helpful, and his gum grafts are top notch.

Ross K.

I would highly recommend Dr. Gurinsky. Prior to seeing Dr. Gurinsky, I had already undergone three rounds of gum grafting. I was diagnosed with severe recession in the majority of my mouth at the age of 23. The three procedures I had were extremely painful and anxiety provoking and I was terrified to undergo yet another round.
Upon meeting Dr. Gurinsky I was very impressed with his bed side manner. He was so kind and understanding, as well as patient and informative. He explained my condition to me and what was needed to fix my gums. He was very professional and I felt like I could trust him. I explained my past experiences to him and he said that he would never repeat the outdated and painful procedures that had been performed on me previously.
The day of the procedure he was quick and caring. I could tell that my comfort was important to him.
Healing was very quick and surprisingly painless this time around which was a huge welcome shock. With my past procedures the only way I could get through the healing process was to take a Percocet ever four hours and combine it with Tylenol every other two hours. After Dr. Gurinsky's procedure I took one Percocet the entire time.
Dr. Gurinsky was very personable and easy to talk to and I never felt rushed being in his office.

Mia F.

I think Dr. Gurinsky did an amazing job with all the implants. He did a lot of work on me spread over various appointments. It is never fun to have to do oral surgery, but his competency and friendly staff make this as good an experience as it's going to get. I am a pretty demanding individual, so trust me, this says a lot. If you're a drama queen - and a lot of patients are - probably nobody will make you happy. Get over yourself and realize not everything in this life is unicorn and ponies. I think Dr. G is pretty darned close, though!

Robert W.

Dr. Gurinsky took the time to explain everything that he needed to do to get my mouth back in shape. The surgery wasn't bad, a surgery is never fun, but it was over with before I knew it. I would recommend this office to others for their periodontal needs.

Jeff J.

Dr. Gurinsky is fantastic. He has a very sweet bedside manner and is very kind and caring during a procedure. He is always happy to provide me with information and allow me to make informed decisions regarding my perio care, which is very important to me. I drive from Fort Collins to see him and wouldn't consider going to anyone else.

-Corinna C.

Outstanding service! Painless treatment with full explanation of all things completed and great follow up care. Staff very helpful. Insurance approval completed quickly by staff. Recommend without reservation! Also--nice free parking!

-Paul O.

I had an excellent experience at Dr. Gurinsky's office. I had been pretty nervous about surgery on my gums, but Dr. Gurinsky and everyone at his office helped make it an easy, smooth process. I got all of the information I needed ahead of time. Dr. Gurinsky talked me through my options, didn't make me feel pressured, and the front desk made sure I understood what was happening with my insurance. I felt well cared for during the procedure and the follow-up was great, too. I loved receiving a snack package after the surgery and a phone call the next day. I'll definitely return to Dr. Gurinsky for any other work I need to have done.

-Lauren C.

I was referred to Dr. Gurinsky from my current dentist for an implant and gum removal/grafting. Stacy at the front desk was fabulous in helping me with my insurance and making sure I knew the costs up front. Dr. Gurinsky is truly a perfectionist with his work and my implant and gum removal went perfectly and had no pain during and very minor pain following the surgery. The implant is still healing before the fake tooth can be placed in but, so good so far!

Cory L

Dr Gurinsky is an excellent periodontist. My dentist referred him to me and I'm so grateful. He's been really thorough in ensuring my implant takes with such soft tissue around the gums. And he takes the time to answer all my questions! I completely trust his judgment and expertise.

Amy M.

As much as anybody enjoys going to a Periodontist, Dr. Gurinsky makes the process much easier to get through and obtain the results desired. A great dentist and a very nice man. I highly recommend him.

Les E.

I am nearly 59 years old. Dr. Gurinski is the best Professional Dentist/Doctor/Surgeon... etc.... I've been to...He can save you..And your teeth/health! Highly recommended!!!!!!

Bobby L

I am new to Denver and so happy to have found Dr. Gurinsky. He is knowledgeable and professional and the staff is helpful and pleasant. Having ongoing gum problems, I called yesterday with an issue and I was seen today and problem solved. Thank you so much!

-Susan H.

Thank you so much for your continuing good, professional and emotional care of my dental needs; most especially during and after my decision to have implants. You've all gone beyond just what is expected; doing what is needed for me when I sometimes don't know myself what is needed. Thank you also for taking the time to talk to my daughter and me; explaining many things I may not have known needed explaining. Looking forward to seeing you all in April.

Thurla H.

Thanks very much to you, Alicia and Dr. Gurinsky for the wonderful, friendly care and professionalism today. I was a bit nervous going in to the process, but am confident I'll be taken well care of there. I look forward to recommending friends if they ever need the services.

Chad J.

Dr Gurinsky helped me out greatly and I was impressed with the state-of-the-art facility. While I don't need a lot of periodontal work done, if I did, I would certainly go back.

Mike W.

Dr. Gurinsky takes pride in his work and makes you feel comfortable. He is very thorough and eases any anxiety his patients may be feeling. I would recommend him to any family member or friend in need of Periodontal work.

-Natalie A

Dr Gurinsky is the best! He is incredibly skilled and gentle to people like myself who are very scared of gental dental procedures done. He followed up with me via phone after my surgery to see how I was doing and was awesome with managing my pain (which was minimal post surgery). I would never go see anyone else.

-Lori O.

I have been seeing Dr. Gurinsky since he started practicing in Denver in 2003. He did a gum graft on me. He was extremely professional, explained to me what would happen before, during and after the procedure, made sure someone was there to pick me up and insisted to assisting me to the car. He called me that evening to inquire how I was doing. I had no problem with the procedure. I have been seeing him since that time and would recommend him as a fine periodontist.

-Judi B.

If you HAVE to go to a periodontist, this is the one you want in Denver! Dr. Gurinsky has a fantastic touch even when it comes to those awful shots prior to surgery or other signicant dental work.

He works with you, communicates what's going on/what to know super effectively, and I feel like I'm in really great hands when I'm in his chair. His staff is terrific and they have wonderful team work.

They even have 2 free parking spaces in an otherwise not-all-that-parking-friendly (though very convenient downtown) location.

No hesitation at all recommending this doc.

H.E. R.

I seriously could not be happier with the results that I got with Dr. Gurinsky. Every step of the way I knew that he was addressing my concerns before I ever had to ask a thing. My smile is now far better than before my tooth cracked in half from chewing on a pen. Incredible, attentive, and intelligent staff. Personal caring approach from the office top to down. Everyone I show my new tooth gives me a "WOW" and their eyes light up stating they can't believe it's an implant and how amazing it looks. Doc G's...well, a G.


I had all but given up on Dentist’s. I had just come to believe I would be in pain for the rest of my life. You and your staff made me feel safe and comfortable and after the first visit relieved my pain, that night I slept like a baby! When I returned to have the smile returned to my face it took less time than getting the oil changed on my car! Amazing! Thank you and your staff for changing my life!

Scott E. S

Your services to me this year have been exceptional. I can't think of anyone who has done more for me in my entire life. I can eat normally and smile. I can meet some of my challenges with a feeling of confidence.

James H.

I went to Dr. Gurinsky for a soft tissue graft on a tooth that I had been brushing too hard on.Dr. Gurinsky was great.He explained the procedure to me and numbed me up.He removed tissue from the top of my mouth and placed it above the tooth.I had heard it was painful but he did a great job.I rec'd him to anyone that needs a graft or a periodontist!

-Pam P.

Gum Grafts, implants and the sort can be very scary. But not with Dr. Gurinsky. We now know that gum disease can be very aggressive if not treated, or addressed early. With Dr. G's skill and education, he has the right approach, and touch to take care of your needs. He gets my vote, hands down. I have and will continue to send everyone I know his way!

Will J.

Prior to having any dental or medical procedures done, I always do a background check on the doctor. When I found out that Dr. Gurinsky graduated near the top of his class, and that one of his professors said he was the most talented periodontal students he had ever worked with, I knew I had found the right doctor. I have had 2 implants with Dr. Gurinsky, as well as a sinus lift. In the area where one of the implants was placed, there was very little bone. Dr. G was very upfront and honest about the possibility that the implant might not "take". Well 5 years later it is still holding strong. He always called me after each procedure, and was great about explaining everything and answering all of my questions. My husband has had several procedures done by Dr. Gurinsky as well. Although he is not fond of having anything done-dental or medical, he actually had good experiences with each visit. That in my book makes Dr. G a miracle worker! I would highly recommend Dr. Gurinsky for any and all periodontal procedures.


After 10 years of chronic pain, a crown, and a failed root canal I decided to have a tooth extracted and an implant placed. Xrays showed a dark spot under the tooth indicating a constant low level infection. Dr. Gurinsky did the extraction, bone graft, and implant. The extraction was the worst part of it all. I experienced a small amount of pain that was easily handled with ibuprofen. I was placed on anti-biotics after the extraction. Since then, the constant gum pain has gone away. Six months later Dr. Gurinsky placed the implant. I experienced a slightly higher degree of pain likely associated with remnants of the gum infection. Dr. Gurinsky prescribed a second round of anit-biotics. I have now been pain free for over a year! Neither my dentist or Dr. Gurinsky has any idea what caused the original abcess and infection. I'm just happy to finally be pain free! Gurinsky was prompt, professional, the implant placement was perfect despite this case had added complications of the abcess. I continue to recommend Dr. Gurinsky to my friends and family.

-Pat J.

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