Laser Dentistry with Dr. Brian Gurinsky in Denver & Centennial, CO

Laser technology is revolutionizing dentistry. Dentists who have mastered this technique offer their patients a more comfortable experience while performing both traditional and advanced procedures less invasively and more precisely.

Brian Gurinsky, DDS, MS provides laser dentistry in Denver for his patients who can benefit from a wide range of services that are improved by this technology. Our dental office also offers several laser-assisted treatments at our Centennial location.

LANAP® - Laser Periodontal Therapy - This protocol offers a more comfortable treatment alternative to conventional surgery, with a higher success rate for periodontal regeneration, new bone growth, and gum tissue reattachment.

Dr. Gurinsky applies his expertise in this emerging new standard to the following procedures:

Pocket Reduction & Gum Grafting - Flap surgery has typically been used to treat periodontal disease, but LANAP has transformed the way we approach this condition. Because no scalpel or sutures are needed when performing LANAP, there is significantly less discomfort and healing time than with traditional flap surgery.

Cosmetic Gum Treatment - If you are unhappy with the shape of your gums, Dr. Gurinsky provides laser gum contouring in Denver and Centennial for your convenience. This treatment is also referred to as gum reshaping or tissue sculpting, and can even out your gum line to give you a smile you can be proud of.

Frenectomy - Children (or adults) who were born with a tight lingual frenulum (or tongue web) suffer from discomfort and limited ability to move their tongues, which can interfere with speaking and eating. With the PerioLase® device, correcting this condition is a simple procedure that results in little or no bleeding.

Growths and Sores – Dr. Gurinsky may use laser technology to treat sores and remove growths or excess tissue in your mouth, such as extra gum tissue over a tooth, fibromas, and skin tags.

In most dental surgeries, the laser technique is applicable, preferable, and provides a better experience for the patient. This is due to its ability to target and remove only the unhealthy tissue and bacteria while leaving the healthy gum tissue intact.

Dedicated to Improving Your Experience and Results

Dr. Gurinsky performs laser-assisted dentistry because he is committed to providing the highest level of comprehensive care for his patients. He works diligently to help you save your teeth, regain the health of your gums, and maintain the stability and beauty of your smile.

If you have gum disease and want a less invasive and more effective way to maintain your oral health, call the dental office of Dr. Brian Gurinsky today – Your gentle laser dentist in Denver and Centennial. 


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