Gum disease and early death in women!

Listen up you post-menopausal women with gum disease!!   Research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association suggests “gum disease and tooth loss are connected to a higher risk of early death in women past the age of menopause.”  To be clear, the findings only suggest an association between oral health and premature death and it does not show gum disease or tooth loss cause early death.  That said, there is a definite link and this link is likely attributed to the fact that those with gum disease have higher levels of inflammation coursing their bodies.

For the study more than 57,000 women aged 55 and older were tracked.  The researchers found that “a history of gum disease was associated with a 12 percent higher risk of death from any cause.” In addition, researchers found that loss of natural teeth was associated with “a 17 percent increased risk of death from any cause.”

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